12 x 30’, BBC

In Jacqueline Wilson’s darkly comic novel, Tracy Beaker is an angry, abandoned child lost in the care system. Wilson’s creation has become the most borrowed book in UK libraries.

Tracy Beaker Returns finds Tracy at twenty years old. Neasa Hardiman creates a new world when Tracy re-enteres the care system to work as a care assistant. She encounters young people as angry and vulnerable as she was. Each episode focuses on one young person’s story as they come to terms with their own past and try to map a better future.

Neasa Hardiman is Lead Director on all three series of this BAFTA-winning drama for BBC.

Lily can’t see a future for herself

Liam on the Run

Toby’s Story

Elektra Tries to be a Girl

Elektra Burns her Dress


Jody’s torn from her Home

Tracy Beaker Finale